A Shenzhen en Chine, le designer Yu Feng a dessiné la "Bitter Bamboo Room", les bureaux du studio Deve Build Design. Il s’agit d’un espace de travail autant que d’un espace de relaxation, où le matériau principale est le bambou, ici utilisé sous toutes ses formes.

Sur 250 m², la "Bitter Bamboo Room" est un lieu singulier, qui s’éloigne des codes liés aux espaces de travail traditionnels. Yu Feng a créé un espace simple et naturel, où la pureté est le maître mot. Pour ce projet, le bambou a été choisi comme matériau principal pour établir une proximité entre l’utilisateur et la nature. On le retrouve suspendu au plafond, dans le parement des cloisons qui permettent de moduler l’espace, dans le mobilier… Dans le processus de construction du lieu, les techniques traditionnelles chinoises ont été mise en œuvre, soulignant un fois de plus la modestie du projet, élégant de simplicité.


Sur ce projet, le designer Yu Feng précise :

"Why did I design this Bitter Bamboo Room? From the beginning, I wanted to design a place which does not look like anywhere else, trying to avoid the characteristics of space as much as possible. Also, I always wanted to explore a space in which everything is simple and natural, free from laws and rules but only reflects the original and real status of the space. The technique is simple and basic, and plain materials were used. Everything goes back to the original point, as pure as infants. That is to “return to the earth” both technically and emotionally. In this society, “Having” makes us so frivolous. Only by returning to the beginning, can we find the way where we come.

Therefore, the low-cost, simple and delicate bamboo was selected as the material to express the spatial texture. In terms of construction, basic folk techniques from rural China were adopted to achieve basic functions and to avoid involving professional workmanship. It is this vulnerability and amateurism that allows me to see the path where I came from. This world is not complicated at all, neither is design. The truth is we have abandoned our basic emotions or status to pursue extra mystery and complexity. Therefore, the world is in lack of humanity, emotion, self and authenticity.

Bitter bamboo room is like a person doing penance. It also symbolizes the modesty and toughness of bamboo. We lower ourselves, and then see this world. Artists retreat, and then show their temperament. This is Bitter bamboo room."

Photographies : Qi Ma

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